The first project in the North East of Slovenia was launched in 1995 and since then the Promotion of Health Program Unit has constantly been developing different projects, especially programmes for the promotion of health in the elderly.

Later, an international project was conducted together with the Association for the Elderly of Slovenia (ZDUS), which also included residents of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was based on self-help groups with over 1000 people participating. Information was firstly gathered about people’s domestic needs and based on that the project was named Older people for a better quality of domestic life. The goal was for elderly people to actively participate in helping others of the same age group in their community. At the time of writing, more than 130 towns are included in the project.

Since 1996, voluntary work in hospitals has been emphasised as an asset for many patients and, so far, 11 hospitals have responded. Assistance is offered to organise voluntary work and also provide training for both the volunteers and hospital staff.

Health care ordination with counselling office for people without health insurance was, together with Health care centre and Caritas, launched in 2002.  40 volunteers – mostly doctors, some nurses and pharmacists or pharmacy students strive daily to improve the health condition of persons without health insurance. We also offer psychosocial aid, help in integration into the healthcare system, acquisition of various documents and management of life situations.

In 2003, a group of professionals started to work on a project for the promotion of sexual and reproductive health and to the related rights. One of the important results was the launching of the website

Brezplaèna klinika.