Migrations Program Unit was established in 1994 as part of Slovene Philanthropy as a response to the situation then developing in former Yugoslavia.

Activities of the unit were in its initial term aimed predominantly at refugees coming to Slovenia from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and later from Kosovo. Activities included visiting refugees in accommodation facilities with the purpose of providing psychosocial aid, supporting and organizing refugee education, teaching the Slovenian language, organizing self help groups, including volunteers in refugee aid and other activities.


Currently, the unit is carrying out the following activities for the following target groups:

1. Asylum seekers

  • psychosocial aid,
  • women’s self help group,
  • aid in learning the Slovenian language and study help,
  • social, sporting and cultural activities: socializing, film, musical and dance evenings, presentations of Slovenian culture and society, day trips, sports activities …
  • promoting employment integration,
  • advocacy.

2. Underage refugees, asylum seekers and other underage migrants

  • psychosocial aid and support,
  • aid and support in integration into Slovenian environment and society (aid in administration matters, inclusion into education and various societies …),
  • various quality free time activities, sports and culture activities, trips, camps, creative workshops,
  • study aid, literacy programs and aid in learning the Slovene language,
  • promotion and facilitation of integration of underage migrants into the education system and local environment.

3. Unaccompanied and separated children

  • performing custodial services and psychosocial support to unaccompanied and separated children,
  • provision of guardians and establihsment and coordination of a network of custodians and informal translators,
  • study help and teching Slovenian,
  • social, sporting and cultural activities,
  • advocacy,
  • member in the Program for Separated Children in Europe.

4. Integration of refugees

  • counseling and psychosocial aid,
  • aid in administrative matters, learning Slovenian and study aid,
  • raising awareness,
  • advocacy.

5. Learning and education

  • study aid for asylum seekers and refugees,
  • teaching Slovenian to asylum seekers and refugees,
  • education of experts on themes related to asylum and migrations,
  • education of volunteers on themes related to asylum and migrations,
  • cooperation with faculties and involvement of students into work concerning asylums and migrations.

6. Raising public awareness

  • cooperation with the media,
  • organizing round table discussions,
  • production and placement of billboards,
  • organization of events marking the day of refugees
  • Festival of Migrant Film.

Activities of the unit are financially supported by:

  • European Commission,
  • European Refugee Fund,
  • FIHO – foundation for financing disabled and humanitarian organizations,
  • EGP financial mechanism,
  • Urban Municipality of Ljubljana,
  • Ministry of Labor, Family and Social Affairs,
  • Ministry of Internal Affaris,
  • Norwegian financial mechanism,
  • Government Office of the Republic of Slovenia for Development and European Affairs,
  • UNCHR – Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees,
  • Communication Office of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia.

7. Advocacy of migrant worker rights

More and more information on violations of basic worker rights of migrant workers is surfacing in Slovenia, so we decided to establish a network of volunteer advocates for them.

A volunteer – advocate will provide information to migrant workers and help them in solving their problems (notifying violations of legislation, contacting appropriate services, accompanying to competent offices, help in finding lodging, work, etc.).