Annual Report 2010

In 2010 Slovene Philanthropy gained 98 % of the funding from public tenders, 1.34 % from donations and 0.07 % from membership fees.
21 employees cooperated in the implementation of Slovene Philanthropy programs in 2010. 95 % of these were actively involved in programs, working with and for users, while 5 % or one employee was working in administration.
Through our programs in 2010, 234 volunteers performed 8333 hours of volunteer work (study aid for asylum seekers, refugees, implementation of guardianships, advocacy of migrant workers, volunteer doctors), which amounts to 83,3330 EUR worth of professional work pursuant to the Voluntary Work Act.
Please find attached our Annual Report for the year 2010.
Report on the activities of Slovene Philanthropy in the year 2010 (doc)

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