Annual Report 2012

In 1992, a group of individuals – philanthropists helped establish Slovene Philanthropy, Association for the Promotion of Volunteering and also a humanitarian organization. Their actions were directed primarily towards the need for helping refugees from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the establishers invited numerous volunteers to take part in the efforts. In December of last year, we proudly celebrated the 20th anniversary of our organization together.
We organize many expert events and large scale promotions, hold training sessions for volunteers and mentors and focus on individuals in need of our assistance. However, our assistance could never be as extensive and high in quality without the numerous volunteers who help refugees and migrants, carry out intergenerational and other preventative programs and thus raise the quality of life in our community.
Our activities are divided among several programming units: volunteering, migrations, intergenerational cooperation, promotion of health, international and development cooperation.
Our vision is a kind and secure society that through partner cooperation of national institutions, the economic sector and non-profit organizations, and voluntary activities of citizens assures a safe and secure environment for all, even those who are for any reason unable to provide a comfortable existence for themselves and their families.
Such changes in society require an even greater commitment on our part as we today need even more respect for our fellow humans and nature, solidarity and tolerance, equality and equal opportunities for everybody. No society can develop without the input of civil society, so we continue to develop suggestions and take part in civil dialogue. The central activity is the promotion of volunteering. We firmly believe that through volunteering we can all contribute to a better and more tolerant society.
Receiving the Plaque of the Urban Municipality of Ljubljana and award for the website attest to the fact that we are doing our job well, thinking about the users and enriching the community in the process.
However, challenges still remain. Reductions in financing and expansion of programs do not go hand in hand. We are focused on maintaining our activities and upgrading them with regard to the needs of the community. Our clear and open vision is kept through regular cooperation with various organizations and work in the field.
The engagement of individuals – volunteers and donors, as well as companies and all other financers, remains of key importance to us, so we wish to sincerely thank all our supporters.
Tereza Novak,
Executive director
Annual report 2012 (pdf)

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