The purpose of advocacy is to contribute to a smoother assertion of rights for asylum seekers, refugees and other migrants, on an individual and systemic level. At the systemic level, we actively strive for suitable legislature and practice in the field of migration. We cooperate in preparing legislative propositions and comments on proposed changes to the existing legislature with other NGOs that work in the field of migration. We actively strive for suitable integration measures for persons with international protection and migrants of other statuses in Slovenia.

Cooperation in work groups at an EU level:

  • Separated Children in Europe Programme – Marina Uzelac,
  • Mreža za zmanjševanje ranljivosti na področju zdravstva, Zdravniki sveta – Franci Zlatar,
  • Ekspertna skupina o mladinskem delu z begunci in migranti, Evropska komisija – Franci Zlatar.