The spaces of Slovene Philanthropy in Ljubljana, Maribor and Logatec are not aimed just towards solving acute life situations of the users but represent a safe spot for all migrants, asylum seekers and persons with international protection. The Day Centre for Migrants Programme in Ljubljana and Maribor is running Mon-Fri from 10am to 6pm, in Logatec Mon-Wed from 10am to 6pm and Thu-Fri from 8am to 4pm.

The aim of the Programme is to assist with integration (linguistic and cultural) into the local or Slovenian environment through organising free time.

The specific aims of the Programme are:

  • Ensuring a safe space for socializing and various activities,
  • Preserving social activity of asylum seekers despite institutional care, persons with international protection and other migrants who are experiencing long-term unemployment,
  • Expanding the social network of migrants,
  • Informal learning,
  • Ensuring there is a various supply of workshops and lectures, adapted for the users,
  • Connecting the users with the local community and eliminating mutual stereotypes.

So far, we have organised numerous gardening, musical, theatre, carpentry and other workshops, roundtables and talks.

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