Slovene Philanthropy has been organising the Festival of Migrant Film since 2010. It is, in its own way, a celebration of the World Refugee Day on June 20th. Our aim is to offer a yearly selection of insightful and provocative films that put current topics, connected to migration, asylum and refugees, to our domestic audience. Each year we prepare a varied programme, running side by side with the festival, including workshops and talks with film authors.

The beginnings of the Festival were a new, different attempt at connecting the phenomenon of migration with film. Every year we publish an International Call and receive a diverse set of applications. In the last few years, the Programme Team then selects around 20 films. We have seen almost 300 films in the 12 editions of the Festivals and we remain one of the rare Festivals in the world  about this topic. It is important to us to bring up the topics of our Festivals to local population. We have been opening up the space for discussions on migration and setting them in context all around Slovenia for several years, the Festival has been travelling to more than 10 places other than Ljubljana.

With showing these stories in films we wish to remind people that, when we talk about migration, we talk about people and their stories. We offer a different view of those who remain behind border fences, in inhuman conditions or dying in the waves. Getting to know these topics is a path to understanding, and with this Festival, we try to create this path.

Festival website:

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