Ibrahim and Ibrahim

18. Oct 2019 General

Ibrahim M. and Ibrahim K. are two 18-year-olds who come from London, go to the same school and are great mates. We talked to them in the summer, during an International Youth Exchange titled ‘Find Yourself’, at the village of […]

Laila Bourjila, Project Leader from Morocco

11. Oct 2019 General

Slovene Philanthropy has been collaborating on human rights education projects with different Moroccan organisations since 2015, within our International Cooperation programme. Laila Bourjila is Project Leader with ARID, an organisation based in the Moroccan region of Rif, working to develop […]

Publication completed the project Debating Refugee Migration

28. Feb 2018 General

OPU released a summary from the 6 international conferences organized in frame of the Debating New Phenomena of Refugee Migration in Central Europe. We gathered good ideas from various topics of the conferences  such a volunteering, prevention of xenophobia and […]

International Conference „New Approaches to Intercultural Youth Education“

17. Jul 2017 General

On 12th and 13th June an international conference concerning education about refugees and migrants was organised by The Halina Nieć Legal Aid Center in the Institute of American Studies and Polish Diaspora of the Jagiellonian University in Cracow. The conference […]

Volunteering and migration – from good stories to the best stories

03. May 2017 General

Invitation to the International Conference “Volunteering and migration – from good stories to the best stories” In assistance to migrants, regardless of their legal status, volunteering is very beneficial. It helps restore people’s dignity, create a new social network for […]

Experts from 11 countries discussed nationalism and xenophobia in Budapest in the context of refugee “crisis”

11. Nov 2016 General, Migracije

Sixty experts, scholars, students and professionals from 11 countries mostly from Central and Eastern Europe gathered in Budapest on 3 and 4 November to address effects of the “refugee crisis” on the radical and mainstream politics, recent trends of public […]

6 Refugee Related Conferences Project Launched in Central Europe

07. Oct 2016 General

Six leading Central European NGOs and a Lithuanian partner Diversity Development Group launched a new project called Debating New Phenomena of Refugee Migration in the Central Europe  The Project aims at bringing together experts and citizens from Eastern and Central […]

Donate to help the refugees

01. Nov 2015 General

Slovene Philanthropy has been working with refugees for many years and has gained a lot of experience in providing for people in need. As a steady arrival of a large number of refugees from Syria, Iran and Afghanistan is expected, […]

Support us, buy our socially responsible products

10. Feb 2015 General

Unique products – responsible towards people and the environment We make quality textile products for home and leisure. Every product is unique, handmade by tailors in Slovenia (Europe). Our customers are socially responsible people, who appreciate the fact that we are combining several dimensions in […]

Let’s skills exchange

15. Jan 2015 General

What should be the common thread of an international youth exchange, where the majority of participants are between 13 and 18 years old, are coming from three different countries and mostly from socially de-privileged environment and don’t speak foreign languages? […]

Electoral rights of immigrants discussed in Malmö, Sweden

27. Mar 2014 General

A study visit and seminar on electoral rights of third country nationals, organized for 28 participants from 9 states  of Central and Eastern EU, took place in Malmö – Sweden, between the 3rd of March and 5th of March 2014. Government,  […]

Annual Report 2012

10. Dec 2013 General

In 1992, a group of individuals – philanthropists helped establish Slovene Philanthropy, Association for the Promotion of Volunteering and also a humanitarian organization. Their actions were directed primarily towards the need for helping refugees from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the establishers […]

Annual Report 2011

10. Dec 2013 General

  Please find attached our Annual Report for 2011 (pdf). The details of our work in 2011 are presented in the Annual Report. Some significant figures are presented below. Volunteering in numbers in 2011 2,968 participants in training programs for […]

Annual Report 2010

10. Dec 2013 General

In 2010 Slovene Philanthropy gained 98 % of the funding from public tenders, 1.34 % from donations and 0.07 % from membership fees. 21 employees cooperated in the implementation of Slovene Philanthropy programs in 2010. 95 % of these were […]