The Health promotion programme has been running since 1995, starting with the first project in Kog near Ormož. Since then we have successfully accomplished several projects promoting health of the elderly population in Slovenia, as well as an international project in collaboration with the Slovenian Union of Associations of Pensioners (ZDUS). The latter included over 1000 elderly inhabitants from Slovenia and Bosnia-Herzegovina and was based primarily on self-help groups. This project lead to the development of a prototype information system oriented towards the needs of the elderly for assistance at home. This prototype grew to become the Seniors for Better Quality of Life at Home Project with the goal to achieve an active participation of the elderly in improving the quality of life for other seniors in their communities. To this day over 130 towns and cities have joined the project.

From 1996 on we have been striving for promotion and systematic implementation of volunteering in hospitals as an added value. So far 12 Slovenian hospitals have joined the project. Slovene Philanthropy provides basic training for all volunteers preparing to start working in hospitals, counselling for volunteering coordinators and mentors in hospitals, and also presents the meaning and value of hospital volunteering to the professional community.

With the assistance of the City Municipality of Ljubljana, Community Health Centre Ljubljana and Karitas of the Parish Štepanja vas the Clinic and Counselling for Persons with no Health Insurance opened in 2002. Doctors and other specialist work as volunteers offering healthcare and other services.

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