Fruits of Society and programs of intergenerational community centers Houses Fruits of Society are successful projects of Slovene Philanthropy which have for several years now productively promoted intergenerational volunteer cooperation.

For the purposes of increasing cooperation and fighting prejudice among generations, Fruits of Society has since 2006 been linking together schools, pensioners’ societies and other similar organizations and supporting the exchange of knowledge between the younger and older generation.

Fruits of Society in numbers in 2012:

  • 69 organizations included (schools, public institutions);
  • 25 volunteers at 2 topical training sessions.


The first intergenerational community centre, the House Fruits of Society Murska Sobota is being supplemented with another centre, the House Fruits of Society Vipava. Our Houses build bridges between generations by transferring knowledge and activities that promote intergenerational cooperation. A new humanitarian program named Volunteer Service has been launched in Murska Sobota that enables volunteers to provide free volunteer aid to those who have difficulty securing it for themselves: the socially endangered, elderly, ill and disabled.

The House Fruits of Society concept has been showcased as a best practice example at the closing conference of the European Year of 2012 in Cyprus.

House Fruits of Society Murska Sobota in numbers in 2012:

  • 3,278 performed volunteer hours;
  • 3,723 participants in the intergenerational program;
  • 416 intergenerational workshops;
  • 130 volunteers active in the execution of programs;
  • 11 program presentations at various events abroad and at home.

We have established a network of intergenerational programs in order to connect organizations involved in intergenerational activities, enable exchanges of experience and spreading of best practices, information about new developments and promote intergenerational programs. 18 organizations have joined the network in 2012 since September.