Slovene Philanthropy operates in countries of the global south, provides technical and expert assistance and transfer of Slovenian best practices. We developed and promoted volunteer work within schools, performed various psychosocial programs in the community and within schools, promoted education for active citizenship, educated on children’s rights and advocacy of the same and advocated rights of the elderly in countries of the global south.

Projects in 2012

At home:

Connecting real lives – establishing solidarity with the elderly in developing countries for direct inclusion of the elderly into EU development policies and practice with the Make it Ageless campaign and with over 3000 collected signatures of support.

International youth volunteering school for promotion of volunteering in the Western Balkans and connecting young people for greater solidarity and stability of the region. Participants included 4 mentors and 20 active volunteers from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Serbia and Slovenia.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: raising awareness of waste management. Connecting 300 young volunteers and 25 mentors with the wider community (over 3000 volunteers).

Kosovo: promotion of ethnic cohabitation and solidarity among the youth through volunteer work (134 volunteers and 20 mentors).
Kosovo, Macedonia and Northern Caucasus: training for advocacy of children’s rights for 36 experts who trained 379 teachers. The project reached a total of approximately 25,000 children and parents.

Northern Caucasus: empowerment of 1540 youths for responsible and active citizenship role through volunteer work in schools.
Moldova: training of 45 teachers for helping 765 Roma children towards better inclusion in schools and improved psychosocial climate in schools.

Macedonia: support for 72 children with psychosocial problems from the Counseling Centre for Children, Youths and Parents in Skopje.
Uganda: aid to the Sunny Skies Women Project organization for empowerment of women from the poorest parts of Kampala.