The migration programme deals with various aspects of contemporary migration. We provide counselling, information, psychosocial and psychotherapeutic assistance and advocacy for various marginalized individuals and groups of migrants, such as asylum-seekers and persons under international protection, unaccompanied minors, undocumented migrants and others. We organize various activities to facilitate the integration of migrants into their new environment: familiarizing them with their local surroundings, organizations and institutions, with the customs of the majority population, assist them in dealing with paperwork, learning Slovenian, provide learning assistance, social, sporting and cultural activities as well as other forms of assistance with integration. Our programmes include volunteers which receive training and have continuous support of their mentors.

On the systemic level we are advocating adequate legislation and practices concerning migration in Slovenia. We also advocate adequate protection of unaccompanied minors in Slovenia and the accessibility of healthcare for migrants. We inform the general and professional public of issues concerning contemporary migration in consultations, round tables and other public events, in cooperation with the media. We also provide education for volunteers and professionals concerning contemporary migration. The Festival of Migrant Film, held yearly in several locations, also serves to inform the public.

We participate in research of migration and migrants in Slovenia as well as carry out our own research. We are members of several expert bodies: Council for Integration of Foreigners, Workgroup Against Human Trafficking, and, on European level, of the Separated Children in Europe programme (SCEP) and the European Network to reduce vulnerabilities in health hosted by Doctors of the World.