Our online shop includes different products that are designed and made in our workshops, promotional products, gift certificates and publications.

The first entrepreneurial ideas we had were hatched within our first Intergeneretional Community Centre, the House Fruits of Society in Murska Sobota. There are many master seamstresses, tailors and other profiles of the fallen textile industry in the Prekmurje region, many of whom are without employment. With our desire to preserve knowledge and employ the aforementioned profiles, we decided to produce and market products more seriously in 2012.

Slovene Philanthropy’s products are unique, innovative and meant for everyday use. They are sustainable, socially and environmentally responsible, made in the principles of social economy and fair trade. We rely on the concepts of re-designing, recycling and reusing with designing and making these products, by using existing materials like old jeans and jute bags.

We hardly pose any competition to the cheaper products of mass industry but we believe in the buyers who wish to support local production and care for the environment.

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