At Slovene Philanthropy we have been making efforts towards these values with our various programmes and the selfless work of volunteers for the past 28 years. We believe that the time to involve yourself in shaping our society actively and responsibly is now, so we’re inviting you to create the future side by side with us.

We raise funds for persons in need, who we assist and advocate for within our programmes – Pro Bono Clinic, Volunteering Service, Volunteering in hospitals. It makes us happy to stand by the people who need us for so long. We’re proud to assist and share our knowledge, skills and goodwill with the ones less happier than us. Alleviating their issues is possible because of your help, that’s why we’re always grateful to be able to count on you.

The running of our programmes is mostly covered by the different Slovenian and EU project financing, but there are also permanent costs we can’t cover with those funds. These are some of the things we are able to make happen with your support:

  • 10.50 € – Accident Insurance for 10 Slovene Philanthropy volunteers
  • 36 € – average monthly cost of equipment (biodegradable and paper bags, gloves, containers for warm meals) for Surplus Food project at one of 9 locations across Slovenia
  • 37,46 – average weekly cost of a food and hygienic products package for a person with Temporary Protection status, but without financial aid
  • 47.90 € – monthly travel and lunch costs for a volunteer at the Institute of Oncology
  • 61.5 € – set of school supplies for a child from a socially vulnerable family (without delovni zvezki)
  • 69 € – costs of a basic two-day training for a Slovene Philanthropy volunteer
  • 170 € – the average cost of participating in the ‘Šola v naravi’ programme for socially vulnerable children in 5th – 9th class of Primary school
  • 190 € – average financial aid for individuals in need who visit the Pro Bono Clinic

Text donations

Send SPREMENI5 to 1919 and donate 5€ to Slovene Philanthropy’s Programmes. Your donation is a piece in the mosaic of creating positive change!
Text donations are possible through these providers: Telekom Slovenije, Telemach, A1 and T-2.

You can find more information about the conditions of text donations (in Slovenian) here:

Pravila in pogoji uporabe storitve SMS Donacija – Telekom.

Splošne določbe sms doniranja – A1.

Pogoji uporabe sms donacij – Telemach.

Pravila in pogoji uporabe storitve SMS Donacija – T-2.

You can donate to our account

Slovenska filantropija, Združenje za promocijo prostovoljstva
Cesta Dolomitskega odreda 11
1000 Ljubljana

IBAN: SI56 0201 4025 8581 012
Reference: SI00 290150
Purpose code: CHAR

You can also donate through your Paypal account:




For all questions in regards to donations you can turn to our Executive Director, Franc Zlatar,
01/ 430 12 88 or

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