The Programme is part of a long-term effort of Slovene Philanthropy to make the situation for migrants who are minors, especially unaccompanied children, children of asylum seekers and refugee children, better. To reach this goal it is essential that all unaccompanied children have guardians and if there is need, a mentor, who protect and shield the minor; for them to have continual psycho-social aid and support and to enable quality free time and inclusion in the new environment for them. It is also important to make literacy, inclusion in a class of Slovenian language and learning assistance possible for them. For their situation and treatment to become better, it has proven necessary to intervene with expert services, state institutions, and to raise awareness within the expert community and other publics.

Unaccompanied children in Slovenia

Who are they and why are they travelling without their parents?

Unaccompanied children are those who are younger than 18 years old, are outside of their home country and without parents or legally appointed guardians. Some are completely alone; others live with relatives or other adults.

The circumstances causing them to leave their countries without their parents are very varied. They can leave as refugees, because of fear of prosecution, lack of safety because of violated human rights, armed conflict or unrest, poverty or straitened circumstances, or because they became orphans or have been renounced by their parents. They can also become victims of human trafficking for the purposes of sexual or other kinds of exploitation. No matter the causes of them leaving their countries, they are entitled to international protection, which is contained in numerous universal and regional legal acts.

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