At Slovene Philanthropy we are working in a common project with our cooperates, volunteers and volunteering organizations titled “Promotion and Development of Volunteering in Slovenia” as well as other projects aimed at promotion of the idea of volunteer labor and support of the development of volunteering. Activities are aimed at interested volunteers, volunteering organizations and the wider audience. Information and offers are collected and available at the web portal



We offer information on how to join our ranks to all interested volunteers. Information is provided in person, via telephone, e-mail and the internet.

Interested volunteers are welcome to take part in our Volunteer Training programs while existing volunteers can benefit from a number of themed training programs.


Volunteer organizations are combined into the largest Slovenian network of volunteer organizations. Organizations are presented at the portal, that allows them to gain new members, exchange news and good practices.

Organizations are also provided with support in organizing volunteering through counseling, training for mentors and volunteers and organization of meetings and common promotional activities.

We care for the development of volunteering and a systematic regulation of the area that would facilitate the operation of volunteer organizations.

Wider public

We prepare promotional brochures and events and festivals where we present the option of volunteering to a wider population. We are also present at major public events where we try and include as many random visitors as possible.