Middle and Eastern Europe trained on political participation of immigrants

The project: „Fostering political participation and policy involvement of immigrants in 9 Central and Eastern EU countries“ hosted a study visit and seminar on advisory bodies as instruments of political participation of immigrants: Germany’s experience. Slovene Philanthropy’s employee together with participants from 9 countries of Central and Eastern EU participated.
The study visit and seminar was organized for partners in the project and their guests from 9 countries and took place in Berlin – Germany, between the 1st of September and 3rd of September 2014. Guests in the project were government, municipal and immigrants association representatives. The event was organized by the Organization for Aid to Refugees (OPU) and Arbeiter-Wohlfahrt (AWO) to learn from the German – Berlin experience in including immigrants into public and political life and to learn about the work of the advisory body for immigrants in Berlin.
The event, supported by the European Union, was a great opportunity for Central and Eastern EU experts of political participation, government and local administration representatives and immigrant organizations representatives to experience and learn about Berlin’s struggle for an advisory body. Also to hear about the way advisory body and connected organizations are functioning and what successes have they achieved.
The Slovenian partner in the project Slovene Philanthropy invited Mr. Mitja Špes, representative of the municipality of Maribor and a representative of the Bosniak Cultural Association of Slovenia Mr. Denis Striković. The representative of Slovene Philanthropy was Nikolaj Tomaž Benedik.
Co-funded by the European Union

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