Support us, buy our socially responsible products

Unique products – responsible towards people and the environment

We make quality textile products for home and leisure. Every product is unique, handmade by tailors in Slovenia (Europe).
Our customers are socially responsible people, who appreciate the fact that we are combining several dimensions in our products – nice design, usability, social component and protection of the nature. Together with our customers we are building Slovenian and European market, developing new products and providing jobs for disadvantaged people in Slovenia.
Our customers appreciate Slovenian knowledge, especially mastery of sewing, which was passing down from generation to generation for many years in Prekmurje, a region in Slovenia, and has remained unused in recent years.
Our products are environmentally-friendly, as they are subject to principles of redesign (e.g. the redesign of the existent jeans), and to the principle of social entrepreneurship and fair trade.
By purchasing our products you are helping unemployed people in Slovenia and conserving the nature.
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