Donate to help the refugees

Slovene Philanthropy has been working with refugees for many years and has gained a lot of experience in providing for people in need. As a steady arrival of a large number of refugees from Syria, Iran and Afghanistan is expected, we aim to step up our efforts to help in organizing our professional staff and volunteers. It is our aim to offer the most efficient assistance during the refugees’ first contact with our country and its inhabitants. We provide translators to assist a self-organization of refugees in transit camps and to ensure that they obtain information they need. We constantly monitor the needs on the ground and act on them.
To this end, we collect funds that will be spent to help refugees and to train and coordinate volunteers. Working together with professional services they can respond to their needs, offer various types of relief, as well as emergency financial aid.
This is an urgent appeal to call on your reason and humanity. Harsh winter conditions are just outside the door. And so are thousands of refugees who have nothing but HOPE that someday, somewhere they will have a better life, and hope that this year’s winter will not be too cold.
Let us open our hearts to refugees. Let us make sure they remember our small country as a country of people with BIG hearts.

Donate your voluntary contributions

  • by bank order to: Slovene Philanthropy bank account:  NLB SI56 0201 4025 8581 012, reference number 2901, code CHAR
  • by Paypal (click the Donate box bellow)

Photos: Jure Eržen, Delo.
Video: Supermarket production
Copy Writer: Drago Mlakar
Slovene Philanthropy was established in 1992 when large numbers of refugees came from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and many experts and philanthropists came together and volunteered to respond to their needs. Since then we have provided psychosocial assistance to refugees, especially to unaccompanied minors, and have implemented several programmes on integration. It is our aim to be instrumental in a speedier and more successful integration procedure in Slovenia. To this end, we have submitted many proposals to successive Slovene governments to exert positive impact on integration processes.

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