Volunteering and migration – from good stories to the best stories

Invitation to the International Conference
“Volunteering and migration – from good stories to the best stories”
In assistance to migrants, regardless of their legal status, volunteering is very beneficial. It helps restore people’s dignity, create a new social network for them, volunteers act as cultural ambassadors, advocates.
You are invited to the international conference which aims to shed some light on various aspects of organizing of volunteer work: from the point of view of users, volunteers, volunteer organizations, institutions as well as from the solidary society’s point of view.
The conference will be held on May 11th and 12th 2017 in Poligon, Tobačna 5, Ljubljana. The working language will be English, admission is free.
We will show good practices of organizing of volunteer work from Slovenia, Poland, Croatia and Hungary, together we will reflect upon pitfalls and challenges of organizing volunteers in the future.
We will examine the years 2015 and 2016, a time when refugees were crossing Slovenia in an organized fashion which could not be done without volunteers. What have we learnt about their role in similar situations? What kind of assistance do asylum-seekers require and how do we help persons who have been granted the refugee status?
We will introduce the European Initiative Solidarity Corps that emphasizes working with refugees. The purpose of the final round table is to embark upon the topic of ethics of volunteer actions and volunteer organizations, of boundaries between the tasks of volunteers and the state and those of migrant volunteers.
The application form for the event is available here, applications are to be submitted by May 5th or until all the vacancies are filled. If you have any questions considering this application, place of venue, how to get there or any other logistical questions, please contact jaka.maticic@filantropija.org , +386 51 775 237.
 PROGRAM of the conference (in Slovene and English)

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